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Raise your test score in weeks.

Start preparing for your upcoming test with our personalized classes today!

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About Us

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Using her own ACT strategies, our founder Angelica increased her ACT score from a 16 to a score in the thirties. She was offered over $1.5 million in college scholarships. As a recent graduate in Finance and Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, Angelica built a test prep program that teaches high school students her methodology that allowed her to succeed on the test. Her teaching approach prioritizes absorbing key math and English concepts rather than memorization.

Accessible for all,

Test Prep Toolbox is a free mobile app for high school students that provides personalized test prep courses. After students take a diagnostic test, the app uses predictive models to create concepts and practice problems tailored to the student.

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Personalized curriculum for more effective practice.

With our advanced algorithm, the app can accurately measure student performance and mastery, helping 

students improve their scores faster over time.


Reach your college goals.

Keep track of the colleges you want to apply to in one centralized hub where you can view information about their score requirements and see how your own scores compare.




Testimonials from Students

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"I enjoyed reviewing questions repeatedly because some questions were almost certain to come up on the official exam. The repetition was the best part because I was going into every question with a gist of what would be the outcome. It also sped me up because I was more confident with my answers. Angelica knew the test format really well, so we didn't waste any time going over topics not covered."

Deon, senior from Los Angeles

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible


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